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I always try to encourage my clients to create their own web properties so they don’t loose control of them at any point in time. So today I’m going to set out how to create your Google business page to get in and rank for the Google Trust Box and Google Maps pages.

To get started you’re first going to log in to your google account. If you don’t have one don’t worry, Google will prompt you to create a new one. Jump on Google and search for “Google my business”.




Click the first link, don’t mind that it’s an Advertisment, Google don’t pay to advertise on their own site. Next you will see a page like this… or perhaps completely different. Google changes things up regularly but at the time of this post it should be accurate and will look different if you are logged in or not.




Now click on the link in the upper right hand corner “Get on Google” or sign in if you already have a Google account.

If you’re creating a new account simply create the account and then search for “Google my business” again as you’ll likely not be redirected back to this page.

Once that is done, you will find a search page asking you to enter your business name and address. Google does this to figure out if you already have a listing available to claim back from their old system. The page looks similar to the image below.




If your business can’t be found you get a prompt like this:




Click “I’ve correctly entered the name and address” to start building your business page.




Enter the details correctly and check the box at the bottom if you deliver to your customers location or offer business to business services. You may have trouble finding the correct category for your business, however just the broad niche will do. Click continue when you are sure everything is correct. For a full list of Google categories, see this post by blumenthals.



You will likely see a prompt to set marker location even though Google generally knows where you are. Click “Set marker location” button and zoom into the map to set the marker at the correct location. You can use the zoom wheel on your mouse or double left click on the map to zoom in.

Next will be your service area if you ticked the box to deliver to customers at their location.




You can set multiple postcodes or a range limit from your business location. I typically use a range limit, if you business is Australia wide simply add “Australia” to the first field and click ‘Add’. Once you are happy click continue.




Next is the confirmation, look over the details again and click the authorised box then continue on.




The second part of the verification is a postcard with a verification code. You can choose to skip this step if you wish, but you will not rank in Google Search until you are verified. So I suggest you select “Send me my code”.




You can add an optional contact name, if you think someone else at your address might get you mail and think it is junk mail. Click “Send postcard” when you’re done. Next you will see your listing in its raw form.




We are almost finished. Set your hours of operation and website. Select a profile picture and background by clicking on the profile picture. It’s a good idea to fill out everything you can about your business and add as many good images as you can.

You will see a completion bar in the middle of the page, this indicates fields that still need filling out. Keep in mind after you complete everything it should still show as only 80% complete. It will not be 100% complete until your business has been verified using the code Google sends you.

Once you have verified your listing it will show up like the below image (with a little SEO magic which you can read about here)



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