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Hello there! I’m the founder, Garratt Campton, of ‘that SEO guy’ (previously known as ‘Kustcom’). I excel at search engine optimisation and web coding practises. I’m a self-taught programmer and web designer since 1992 at age 14, I have a fantastic grasp of competitive, safe SEO that gets results and core HTML/CSS scripting.

I realised most small businesses owners simply cannot afford exuberant SEO fees and most web design costs. On top of the high costs it’s virtually impossible to tell who is ethical in a market where 40% of SEO’s and web design firms are just ex-bankers, ex-lawyers and con-artists who hide behind their “contractual agreements”.

When a friend and small business owner was swindled by a large Brisbane web design agency I decided to step in and help by designing a new site at fraction of the price and cheap monthly SEO service that generated over $20,000 per month in new sales revenue. My part time web business took on more and more work so ‘That SEO Guy’ was born.

My aim is to provide web design and SEO at a fraction of the cost of other agencies, while maintaining the quality you hope to expect from a business you put your trust in. I do this by knowing the SEO industry better than most and using pre-programmed/pre-designed templates and themes for web design. With hundreds of sites already created just contact me to find a theme you like.

I have helped many small businesses and government funded community organisations over the years, doing my first website back in 1997 for a collectable games shop in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. Following that was community housing organisations; Inner Western Suburbs and Spring Hill Housing Collectives. More recently I’ve been helping vendors in the wedding industry around Gold Coast, Brisbane, Toowoomba, and Tweed.



is the cornerstone to marketing


Just some of the things I do…



Website Design & Development


Custom Affordable Web Design.
I work in HTML/CSS, PHP/MySQL and also WordPress, the most widely used Content Management System in the world.


Search Engine Optimisation


My SEO is extremely competitive in price and even more competitive in out-ranking the competition. With advanced ranking methods and safeguards you can rest easy knowing your investment is in good hands.


Advertising Management


Extreme Facebook ads!
Targeted Facebook advertising means no competition on ads, which means less cost per clicks. I’m also an expert in managing Google Adwords.


Customer Service


Got Questions? I have answers to any questions you may have about search engine marketing, web development, and advertising.


Reputation Marketing and Management


Take control of your online presence and craft a brand for your company that commands respect, loyalty and raving fans.


Graphic Design


My design skills have developed well over the years. I know all the questions to ask so that your job turns out just as ordered, and if not I offer multiple revisions so you get the end product you’re looking for.

For more details about services, please contact me using the form at the bottom of this page or on the contact page.


i will come to the rescue!


I employ safe methods by using only ethical on page text, HTML and CSS optimisations. Also I protect my clients websites by making sure only genuine websites are linking to them and guide search engines into understanding you, the client, are the authority in your niche. This not only involves on-page SEO and off-page SEO but reputation marketing, reputation management, viral social engagement, and most importantly natural link building done not by me, but the whole world wide web and media organisations.

The greatest trick to SEO is by creating valuable resources people can use, learn from and share with others. The average plumber might think his website can do nothing more than provide his phone number. But the truth is there are many people who would like to know how to fix dripping taps, how to find the shut off valve in case of emergency, and many other useful bits of info that would suit a plumber’s website and be a valuable resource to the community and internet.

Virtually every website, every business can give value to the web and a great SEO can help you achieve this goal.


My reputation marketing techniques involve creating stunning graphical flyers that your business can hand out to your clients and customers promoting your business and asking for reviews. I direct these customers to your website where I create a new review page where customers can leave reviews. This opens the door to be able to contact disgruntled customers and solve their problems. It also allows us to syndicate positive reviews to Google reviews, Yelp, and other review engines.


Reputation management is the act of removing content on the web which may harm your business’s reputation. Perhaps a disgruntled ex-employee or one of those customers there is just no pleasing. This content isn’t actually removed as I don’t have control of every website on the internet. However I am able to drown out the content so to speak, by promoting other websites in its place and moving the offending content off page 1 and on to pages where nobody reads, generally page 3 or higher.



Using premium WordPress themes and HTML templates I can create the perfect website to suit your business or application. 100’s of preprogramed websites already, means faster deployment, faster development time and less cost to you.

I set up the following website infrastructure:

• Security Modules (Stop intruder password hacking attempts, stop Denial of service attacks, stop email farming bots, and stop spam bots)

• Secure Contact Forms (Easy form integration to your website means your customers can contact you effortlessly without your email getting bombarded by spam)

• 97% Less Email Spam (CPanel configuration filters to stop spam)

• Social Integration (Easy sharing and website meta tags for most common social networks)

• On-page SEO (I set up WordPress to be perfectly optimised to rank in today’s search engines; Meta’s, Keyword optimisation, Keyword density, Social integration)

• Legal Pages (I include all conforming legal entities)

• Automatic Backups (Backup to server and cloud based services; like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and more)

• Auto-responder setup (Commercial auto-responders cost minimum $29 per month, I set up the same for free. Perfect for your email marketing needs)

• Generic Pages ( I include all pages needed for your website; Beautiful Home Page that converts people to buy, local area focused pages to rank for targeted keywords, contact page, and more)

• Cached Content (Content that requires multiple calls to PHP and MySQL Database can slow down the server. Serving cached content to site visitors ensures speedy delivery and better time on site and engagement. It also improves SEO, as Google loves a fast website)

• Pop-ups (A pop-up contact form or self-advertising window cause the user to engage. This also causes the “time on site” counter to start ticking which lowers the bounce rate metric and increases SEO)

• All this and much, much more. I am not the average website developer whose only focus is to make your website “look pretty”. A website needs to be smart, safe, secure, functional, optimised, it needs to convert visitors to customers and clients by keeping things simple and it needs to be perfectly integrated for search engines and social platforms.


simple and affordable


That SEO Guy
72 Eagle Heights Rd
Tamborine Mountain 4271
Gold Coast, QLD AUS
Phone: 0404660240



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